Casio Casio BA-110-1AJF Watch out of the box

Introduction I started to buy G-SHOCK series of white models, because my skin was black, so I wanted to buy a white, and finally did not buy white, because the girlfriend does not look good. Finally, inadvertently see G-SHOCK series GA-110GB-1A, ran the major shopping malls to see baby, offer all high, and then went to Hong Kong to see, there are more than one thousand two hundred Hong Kong . Then thought, or did not start. Back to the mainland, take a look at the major overseas platform offer, first look at the United States Amazon, probably around 900, and then go to Japan, Amazon, more than eighty, decisive start. The reason for choosing Amazon in Japan is that parcel shipping is short and cost effective. To talk about why I chose G-SHOCK series, in fact, G-SHOCK flagship is, sports, young and other topics, in order to make their own young, so the main function: Earthquake - 200 meters waterproof - solar power -6 Bureau of radio waves - World Time - Automatic pointer position correction - Sapphire mirror * Stopwatch (1/20 sec.) - Countdown - Alarm - Fully automatic calendar - Alarm - Low battery alarm. So many features, I still prefer the 200-meter waterproof pointer with the location of automatic correction, the province is not a matter, who knows who. Finally, compare the United States that rolex replica uk more expensive and mail over Japan cost-effective high-mail over it a week or so (small added: if not to the customs uncle caught can save a lot of money Oh) April 8 out of the new Rules, sea Amoy partners know it. Major tax, scared I was scared. Back to focus. Girlfriend also liked my GA-110GB-1A, so I gave him to buy a BA-110-1AJF, GA-110GB-1A (male models) BA-110-1AJF (female models). The long-awaited Baby-G finally arrived, and received the package not so surprising slightly. Because the parcel to express brother crushed. Not happy slightly. . . Zhang positive to express brother crushed (Meng Meng photo) The big box was also covered with a transparent tape, set firmly. . . The bottom of the glue card, the details of doing very good, the transport will not shake. The package of solid. . . To give you a 45-degree color according to the value of the general girls like 45-degree shooting, was a small face And my previous GA-110GB-1A package comparison, BA-110-1AJF, A-110-1AJF weak burst, Packaging is too simple, why is swiss replica watches the same series, the packaging is indeed very different, do not understand. . . Time or Japan to the time, and so on you then transferred back to Beijing. With G-SHOCK and Baby-G tune watch tutorial, easy 5-step, you can get! Not only can automatically school, but also to detect the new watches into the genuine or parallel Oh. Here ga-111dr-7 as an example (GA100-GA150 movement number 5146 are applicable) GA-110GB-1A (left) BA-110-1AJF (right) Comparison chart, how to look that BA-110-1AJF good small oh. . . To my home and Meng Meng dawn sweeping machine to a photo. . . . Sweeper take you to the river. . . Make up the GA-110GB-1A family portrait. . . to sum up: Buy this watch nothing special reason. . . The simplest is to like slightly. High school began to wear Casio, directly to the university to wear, be regarded as having feelings. Now finally out of their own work, you can make so little money, and silk a silk, one family to worry about eating, headstrong one to buy their own super-like Casio, be regarded as the end of the student era. . . Watch for more than a decade for me to rolex replica watches the meaning of time is much larger than the meaning of decoration, mechanical watch a day difference of a few seconds or even a minute it is unacceptable. Super do not like that feeling, G-SHOCK is actually a lot of things for my province. Baby-G's parcel is flattened so there is a little bit so I was disappointed, and its packaging, obviously there is so a little bit stingy feeling, the other very satisfied with the Road, put on a girlfriend, and she is Happy.